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soldier pile wall profile


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Hello all,


I am laying out a soldier pile wall and am having an issue with creating a top of wall profile. The piles are equally spaced and vary in height based on eg conditions. Does anyone know a way to have a vertical segment in a profile? My goal is to have my wall corridor have vertical steps when viewing and creating views and avoid having those little 'sloped sections'.


Any help or suggestions are appreciated.




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By adding a profile point say 1mm away from the jump up profile point you will end up with steps, disadvantage is that it makes this point also in the plotted output. We have a 3rd party softwarre and it allows unticking profile points to be plotted but again its time consuming if you have a lot.

Screen Shot 11-30-16 at 01.08 PM.PNG

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I have tried that tiny offset option and get the same result you show above. I have also tried multiple profile segments, just the horizontal segments as one profile and that creates even greater sloped regions. In order to get the result I was after I made a single corridor with multiple baselines and multiple target profiles, one for each baseline. It gives me what I want but is WAY too much work for anything of substantial length.


Thank you for your time and input, it is appreciated.




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