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Aux View question, where to start?


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Hey guys,


Okay this problem has me stumped. We are supposed to be doing Aux views and we are not supposed to draw the pictorial view but only the views needed and the Aux views.


But for the life of me I can't decipher what side to start with, every time I pick a view to start with I run into problems, like how long would the 60 degree angle line be if you are not drawing it face on, and that goes for the other views as well, seems like one or two lines will always be foreshortened with no way to tell the length.


And am I missing something with the Radius of the curved part, it just says R with no value, am I supposed to extrapolate that from other info on the drawing?


I just need a suggestion on where to start.







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AutoCAD 2015? I'd create a 3D solid model then extract the 2D views from it. I don't see any real reason for students to be constructing auxiliary views from scratch.

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I was able to model this and 3D and then pull the views from that. I attempted to quickly draw the three views in an orthographic projection in 2D but I am out of practice and had to give up and go back to work. Makes me realize again how handly 3D is to work in, doing so much of the work and visualization for us. I agree with ReMark that learning this 2D stuff is not the best use of a student's time.

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Behemothrex: I think the inclined face with the single hole might(?) require an auxiliary view so as to show the true size and shape. Do you think there would be any benefit to drawing an auxiliary view of the 30 degree inclined face that has no holes in it? What views have you drawn so far and can you post an image?


After thinking about it some more, in this particular case, my opinion is that an auxiliary view really doesn't provide any further useful information. I'd go with a top, front, side and isometric view and call it a day.

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Thanks guys,


I had Inventor I think loaded up when I was taking my 3D classes and I indeed thought about doing it 3D but I had to unload it from my computer due to the fact all AutoDesk software wants to install on your C drive and I have a small SSD, which I was hoping only to have my system files on, but nope AutoDesk says different. So it is constantly getting full with just Revit and AutoCad installed. I think I will take your advice and just draw the two flat surfaces with holes and call it a day, after all it is only one problem.


Thanks again!

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