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Undoing LISP with Visual Basic doesn't REGEN changes


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I think I'm encountering the same problem that was not resolved here.


I'm trying to set all the layers of an xref to layer 251. I found two codes online, posted below.



(defun c:cvx (/ ent_data);;changes all layers in selected xref to color 251
(setq ent_data (entget (car (entsel))))
(command "-layer" "Color" 251 (strcat (cdr (assoc 2 ent_data)) "*")"")



(defun C:X251 (/ EN L X ad layers)
(command "UNDO" "BEGIN") 
(setq   EN (nentsel "\nSelect Xref: ")    L (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (car EN))))   X (substr L 1 (vl-string-position (ascii "|") L)) )
(setq AD (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-Acad-Object)) layers (vla-get-Layers ad))
(if  (/= (vl-string-search "|" L) nil)
		(vlax-for layer layers
			(if (/= (vl-string-search (strcat  X "|") (vla-get-name layer)) nil)(vla-put-Color layer 251))
		(command ".REGEN")
	(princ "Not an Xref!")
       (command "UNDO" "END")


I used the CVX routine for a while, until I discovered that it doesn't work if I select xrefs that are attached to overlaid xrefs. So I tried switching to the X251 routine, but if I use UNDO, the changes aren't reflected until I REGEN the drawing. I tried using an undo group as suggested in the linked post, but that didn't change the result. Any advice?

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(defun c:cvx ( / lst) ; Changes all layers in selected xref to color 251.
     (setq lst (nentsel))
     (= 4 (length lst))
   (command "_.-layer" "_color" 251 (strcat (cdr (assoc 2 (entget (car (cadddr lst))))) "|*") "")

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