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Found 5 results

  1. See gif. I'm after learning about the DIMREGEN command after pulling my hair out while dim'ing in PS with an xref'd model. SO, When I run the command DIMREASSOCIATE. The X to show the old pick point of the dim appears if it's currently in view. But if it's not it doesn't. Only if I right click and enter pan mode the X appears if it's on screen. Really frustrating because I don't want to redo them. The applicable vars set that I think would work: REGENMODE = 1 REGENAUTO = ON LAYOUTREGENCTL = 2 Using R23.0 (2019)
  2. I think I'm encountering the same problem that was not resolved here. I'm trying to set all the layers of an xref to layer 251. I found two codes online, posted below. CVX: (defun c:cvx (/ ent_data);;changes all layers in selected xref to color 251 (setq ent_data (entget (car (entsel)))) (command "-layer" "Color" 251 (strcat (cdr (assoc 2 ent_data)) "*")"") ) X251: (defun C:X251 (/ EN L X ad layers) (command "UNDO" "BEGIN") (setq EN (nentsel "\nSelect Xref: ") L (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (car EN)))) X (substr L 1 (vl-string-position (ascii "|") L)) ) (setq AD (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-Acad-Object)) layers (vla-get-Layers ad)) (if (/= (vl-string-search "|" L) nil) (progn (vlax-for layer layers (if (/= (vl-string-search (strcat X "|") (vla-get-name layer)) nil)(vla-put-Color layer 251)) ) (command ".REGEN") ) (princ "Not an Xref!") ) (prin1) (command "UNDO" "END") ) I used the CVX routine for a while, until I discovered that it doesn't work if I select xrefs that are attached to overlaid xrefs. So I tried switching to the X251 routine, but if I use UNDO, the changes aren't reflected until I REGEN the drawing. I tried using an undo group as suggested in the linked post, but that didn't change the result. Any advice?
  3. ok, i'm sorry if this has been asked before but i couldn't find it. I recently moved from autocad 2008 to 2012. my machine intel Xeon E5-1603 @ 2.8GHz 32GB mem win 7 64bit dual V4900 AMD vid cards autocad 2012 so my issue is this (and i have only found one other person asking about this) when i do a find/replace command it happens lickity split, but when i click "done" to exit it takes forever to close (about 6-10 seconds). In acad08 on my 32 machine it was instant. So what i have realized is that it's doing a regen at the exit. So i guess my question is, can i turn off the autoregen after i close the find/replace dialog box? my REGENMODE is currently . If that can't be done, is there another way to find/replace so that it doesn't do a regen after words?
  4. We have been working with ACAD 2014 for some time now and have never had any issues what so ever. Management upgraded everyone from 2GB RAM to 8GB RAM and now all of a sudden when when do CTRL+C to copy and then CTRL+V to paste, it takes that objects (i.e. text, block, line, arrow) forever to regenerate. It literally redraws it before my eyes in the slowest fashion POSSIBLE! LOL All we did was upgrade the RAM and I went right back to work. Please help!? Any and ALL suggestions would help, this stinks!!
  5. Having recently upgraded to ACAD 2014 when closing block editor or completing a hatch command the drawing automatically regenerates but zooms in to the origin point of the drawing (i.e. coordinate 0,0) rather than regerating to the last zoomed area. Is there an automatic setting to counteract this as it's anoying having to 'Z' - 'P' to zoom to previous each time when completing a hatch or block. Regards Holford
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