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Large hatch error

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Dear colleagues,


Please anyone have a look into my hatch as attached drawing, when I change scale or pattern to solid it is hiding some portion of the hatch


Xref_Road Hatch.dwg




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I took a look at your drawing. It definitely does not like me changing the hatch pattern or scaling AT ALL or it will either disappear completely or show up segmented.


It looks like the boundary that was used for the hatch pattern was a series of non-coplanar lines at different heights/elevations that were later turned into polylines.

If you right click the hatch and select "generate boundary" you can explode the polylines and see what I mean.


In the properties window, the regular lines show up with "start Z: VARIES" and "end Z: VARIES" (they should all be zero).


It looks like there are 2 options.


Option 1 - Leave the hatching as is and just change the hatch lineweight to be thicker (looking like a solid hatch).


In other words, Select all hatches in the drawing, change lineweight to something like 1.0 (or whatever lineweight results in the hatch printing as a solid color/object).

When you go to print, select "print object lineweights" and make sure to preview to make sure it looks good first at whatever scale you end up using.


But at least this way you don't have to go back and do any extra work.


Option 2 - Recreate the boundaries as closed polylines and rehatch.


You would first right click each hatch and click "generate boundary". Once all the boundaries are present, explode them into regular "lines".


Then use pedit command to convert everything back into polylines and use the join command to link the polylines together.


You would want them to be closed also.

The goal being - create a series of closed polylines that you can then use as new hatch boundaries, then recreate the hatch.


And if you don't want the hatch boundaries to show up, you can always put them on a layer and turn that layer off.


But with closed polylines, Autocad won't falter with the hatching.


But this option obviously requires more work.



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thanks for the suggestion to my thread



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