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Looking for Lsp which can calculate sum of polygon and closed polyline area?


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First of me, Hi to everyone! Glad to be part of this.

I am pretty new to this forum so as to AutoCad software, I am GIS maniac.


Currently working on some urban plan and my company need to calculate area of existing polygons, hatches and polylines. A lot of people worked on same project and that is why we have different types of geometry.

I can manually change all of this to closed polylines but there is over 2000 polygons and hatches.

Is there any lsp which can calculate all types of geometry? I tried many but they are just calculating closed polylines.


Thank you very much and sorry for bad english

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Something I am working on at moment


; Total HATCH area labeller
(Defun C:AHAT (/ arean area2 lay col en hobj Hp num rp sset)
(setq sset (ssget  (list (cons 0 "hatch") (CONS 8 LAY))))
(setq arean 0)
(setq area2 0)
(REPEAT (setq num (sslength sset))
(setq en (ssname sset (setq num (- num 1))))
(SETQ COL (CDR (ASSOC 62 (entget EN)))) ; by layer check
(SETQ ARNEW (vla-get-area (vlax-ename->vla-object en)))
(IF (= COL NIL) 

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BIGAL, you inspired me to write this:

; Total area of hatches with certain pattern
(defun C:test ( / SH enx SS i Lst )
 (setvar 'errno 0)
 (while (/= 52 (getvar 'errno))
   (setq SH (car (entsel "\nSelect source hatch pattern to filter by <exit>: ")))
     ((= 7 (getvar 'errno)) (princ) (setvar 'errno 0))
     ((and SH (/= "HATCH" (cdr (assoc 0 (setq enx (entget SH))))) (princ "\nThis is not a \"HATCH\".")))
         (princ (strcat "\nSelect hatches with \"" (cdr (assoc 2 enx)) "\" pattern to sum their area: "))
         (setq SS (ssget (list (assoc 0 enx) (assoc 2 enx))))
         (repeat (setq i (sslength SS))
           (setq Lst (cons (vla-get-Area (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname SS (setq i (1- i))))) Lst))
         (not (alert (strcat "\nTotal area of the hatch with \"" (cdr (assoc 2 enx)) "\" pattern is: " (rtos (apply '+ Lst) 2 2) " units.")))
       (setvar 'errno 52)

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@Grrr/BIGAL: Be aware of the issue of querying the ActiveX Area property of a hatch object with a self-intersecting boundary ;)


Oh right, I didn't considered this scenario!

Leaving my inspiration as a concept (thankfuly I don't need to use it for real). :)

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Thank you.

I have not expected this kind of help. With this lisp-s and little editing of some,I managed to get total area. I do not have many experience of making codes but I edited code of Princ(or Grr :) and get results with different lsp for mpolygons,then different for hatches and then for polylines.

Anyway thank you very much!


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