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DWG conversion to SKP/IFC


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The number of ways to convert to SKP seem limited. As far as i can see the most serious ones are..


- Buy Sketchup (Pro?), import DWG and save

- Automapki mesher seems to do a fair job.


What other ways to convert these do i miss here?


Why .skp..?

This picture shows some results from IFC conversion.

Is BricsCAD better at IFC conversion than AutoCAD (that can match SKP)?

skp versus ifc.jpg

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Well DWG isn't really meant for IFC, is it? I mean that's why they (AutoDesk) has Revit, right? AutoCAD Architecture can do it as well but I am not sure about the quality of the IFC file. There is also Tekla BIMsight. can't it use DWG as well as SKP files?

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"DWG isn't really meant for IFC"

.. Why not!???




Do you think it is such a strange idea to translate PURE geometry from DWG into IFC to be used in other software. I don't

IFC can be exported from Inventor now, that is a good thing. I am finding my ways to convert .. from >.. to ...

but it's not (technical) logical all the time. In my opinion i find it mostly commercial and stategic from sw. vendors. IFC hase been treaten that same way!



I decided to buy me Automapki application and that really makes things possible. Fan of it. Here is a screenshot i made from a tranlation.

A 10 mB McLAren in skp turns into a 130 MB DWG. But can used, it is about the idea of it...


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I still don't see why not :P and don't understand people narrowing there minds to other filefoemats.

The only reason I can think of is the marketing of 'Bim software' from Autodesk as *Revit only*


Good thing Bricscad is bringing in translation to DWG.




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Dude, I am talking about the data behind the file format not just the 3D items in the file format. Also when you quote me, quote exactly as I said it!

You put down...."DWG isn't really meant for IFC"

When I said..."Well DWG isn't really meant for IFC, is it?" That's disingenuous on your part.

I honestly don't give a **** what file format you use. I simply asked a question about the data in the IFC file coming from a dwg file because I don't know as I don't use that file format (IFC) at all.

Use whatever works for you.

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halam: AutoCAD, just like any other CAD program, cannot possibly be all things to all people. If it's inability to do what you want is hampering how you work then switch to a different program and stop the whining.

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Agreed. Also, one should keep in mind that AutoDesk does offer the user a very much wider range of products meeting various needs than Bricsys does. Bricsys has decided to keep its core focus relatively narrow by comparison.

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Which is fine and will probably fulfill a lot of needs out there. That casework company I worked for could have switched to BricsCAD with little issue and saved money. BricsCAD Plat is currently $1220 a seat. That's a great deal for a 2D/3D application. I am pretty sure that NO ONE here would argue that.

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