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Block Tool Palette Lag Problem


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Hey folks!


Looking to confirm or debunk some assumptions I've developed after creating and testing multiple iterations of different block tool palettes.


From what I've seen, user-created block tool palettes will either be fully functional (~3 seconds from clicking on the icon to insertion in the drawing) or prohibitively slow (~45s) depending on how they were created.


Method 1: If the blocks are added to the palette from any old drawing (either by dragging and dropping from model space or from the design center), pulling them back out of the palette takes a million years.


Method 2: If the blocks in the source file are WBlocked out (resulting in many blocks in one WBlocked dwg) and then added to the palette from that single WBlocked dwg (which will never get opened and altered without WBlocking again) via the design center, then the palette moves quickly. I guess this improvement in speed is from the "shrinkwrapping"/purging/fat trimming that happens when you WBlock. From what I can tell, it seems that ACAD's native palettes are created along these lines.


I'm fine with using method 2 to make my palettes, but I first wanted to double check that method 1 isn't viable. In videos like this they seem to use method 1 just fine with no significant lag. So, have I just overlooked some process/setting that would make method 1 work without the lag?


More info: I am on a network, but I've tested everything on my local drive and the results seem to be the same, so I'm doubtful that the lag is network-related.


Any feedback appreciated.





Also: I have a small sample tool palette created using the different methods in case anyone wants to test it on their machine. Just lemme know.

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I can't say I have ever noticed problems most of my palette blocks, are contained in a master file (no WBLOCKing just blocks placed into a single dwg file) which has no special precautions such as purging etc. the dwg is in my Autocad path. Occasionally for a project I will create a block in it's own dwg and save it to my Autocad folder, the folder is on my local drive, and I usually work with files locally and only put them on the network as required.

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