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Civil Cross Sections


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I am an engineer new to working with civil 3D and have little training!


I am generating multiple cross sections for my pipe alignment and corridor however, when I create them there is a large amount of white space between the views and the scale is very small.


I have tried to play with many style setting to fix but I am unable to? As a result I have 9 sections per page but they only take up 50% of the space and are hard to read. Any help on how I can make these section become larger, at a bigger scale and closer together would be very helpful!



Cross Sections.pdf

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please try this:


open toolspace

expand your alignments

find the alignment you based the sections from

expand this all the way until you see the 'section view groups'

right-click on the section group and select 'properties'

select the tab at the top marked 'section views'

you will see a column called 'group plot styles'

open the plot style you are using to edit it

pick the tab at the top called 'array'

at the bottom-left there are options to adjust the column and row spacing for the section views


once you adjust it and back all the way out of these options you will [probably] need to pick a section, right-click on it and select "update section view layout"


hope this works for you.



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Hi Phil,


I have been onsite all week.


I tried in the toolspace and prospector tab, but when I expand my alignment I do not get 'section view groups'??


I do get Profiles, Profile Views and Sample Line Groups?

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Nope I was wrong found it, but when adjusting this it did not change anything?


My scale is very small, 1 to 1000 but I can not seem to be able to adjust the horizontal scale in the Section View Style??

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You might find the adjustments you're looking for in the section view group properties.


right-click on a section

select 'edit section view style'

this will have the fields for horizontal and vertical scale in addition to grid padding.


...hope this helps

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Hi All,


Seems I have found what I need from above to make the cross sections bigger thanks.


The bigger problem I now have is when I make new sections I do not see anything on them? I have no around surface or my road alignment is also not shown?


When I go to the 'make multiple sections ' wizard, on the elevation range page there is nothing to select in the "Select Section" drop down menu?

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expand your alignment that the sections are made from until you find the 'sample line group' you are drawing sections from


right-click on the section line group name


select properties


go to the sections tab


at the right, at the top, you'll see a button for 'sample more sources'


you most likely need to add additional items to what the sample line group is 'sampling'


hope this helps...

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I have been working with this for a while now and while I have a much better scale I can still only get 4 sections per page when there is definitely room for more!


If I try and manually move the section, the border moves and my alignment assemble moved but the original ground stays in the same place so I can not seem to be able to move the sections around and get more on a page manually???


Does anyone know why this is happening?

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The file is very big!


I have been able to figure out how to move the sections laterally and the ground comes too, just not up and down!

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