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Architecture Modeling

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Hi all,



I am new to revit and just having a play around with modelling a clock tower.



I have made this through component > model in place. The reason I did this is because I don't know any other way of modelling this



Could you guys let me know how you would create walls or buildings like an old church would have because I don't think it's right that I would do this all in component, right?



Thanks for any help on this.


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Good work for all in-place components. All of what you've created can be done with actual system and loadable Families in their proper category.


A great book for architecture would be the Aubin/Stafford release:



There are also samples that come installed. There are tutorials online, YouTube videos can help, and one of the most common advice to getting familiar with Revit on your own is to model your home (eyeball and rough dimensions). You need first to understand the Project Browser, the Ribbon, the Properties Palette, System vs Loadable Families, Levels and Grids, Views, and so forth. These would be just the basics.


As for specifics as an old church design, Aubin's book on classical architecture in Revit would probably be very helpful:



Hope this helps!



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Thank you for the reply TZ.

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