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3D cross sections to a 3D mesh or triangulation

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Hello all,


Just as the title says really, I've got a number of 3D cross sections of a bridge beam that I am trying to convert in to one 3D mesh.


The 3D mesh command within AutoCAD wants the elements to be closed polylines or an existing 3D shape for example..... but what I have got is a load of 3D polylines with open ends.


I would have thought that the software would have had an intelligence command of some sort to mesh lines together that are close enough (or within a specified distance), but seems no such command is available.


So I'm guessing it is a multi-step approach..... anybody have any ideas how to go about this?



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As you can see from the image above.... one of the beams has sustained substantial damage and has bent.

By having this model as a mesh it could be visualised easier.



For analytical purposes the current model is sufficient as it is comprised of 3D cross-sections already that can be compared to the ideal for deviations etc.

But would really know how to mesh it just for completeness and ease of presenting visualisation to others.

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Without having a copy of the drawing to actually test this on I can only speculate that the following method "might" work.


First use the LOFT command on the 3Dpolylines to create a surface. Then use the MESHSMOOTH command to create a mesh. Finally, use either the MESHSMOOTHMORE or MESHSMOOTHLESS command to tweak the final shape of the beam.

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I've got to go to a meeting soon but here are the results of a simple test I conducted. The final mesh in yellow was obtained by using the MESHSMOOTHLESS command. The visual style used for the first image was 2Dwireframe. The visual style used for the second image was Conceptual.





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Cheers guys... going through the model at the moment with those commands with various amounts of success.


Its working on some of the cross-sections but then not able to join on to others.


But at least I've now got something to dig my teeth in to.

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