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add publish command to FAQ


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It suprises me how many times Ive seen people using ssm for the ability to plot multiple files at once, or wanting a solution to plot multiple files at once. I think adding the publish command to the FAQ section would be usefull because it seems to be a good tool that not a lot of people realize exisists.

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Also, drawing and file management Tutorials might help. Something to go over Sheet Sets, the Design Center, and some solid file management guidelines. Unfortunately that last one varies so much from company to company that it would have to be very vague.

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I think a sheet set section or tutorial would be great. When i was learning I had a million questions and kept getting directed to other websites for the answers. It would be nice to have them here and updated things have definitly changed from sheet set manager in 05 to 09 and that caused some confusions for me

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Go for it! :)


No weriously, the FAQ is a project run by this forum. I know that it has not been very visible lately, and I take some responsability for that. But if you have a question that you think qould fit in the FAQ, and you have a decent grasp of what the answer is (doesn't have to be perfect or all-inclusive), feel free to write it up (doesn't need to be perfect english or grammatically correct either) and PM it to any one of the FAQ Team members and we'll add it to the database.


I can't promise it will show up the live FAQ immidiatly, but once it is in the database, it'll move through the process.


so, Go For It! :)



oh yeah, as for tutorials, I might be stepping out of bounds here, but go ahead and write up those too, this site includes some tutorials, yours might fit in there :)

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