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login difficulties


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Hello Chaps-

I think cadtutor must be great but the lolin process is such a mission--

could it not be simplifies.

Best regards

fred evans

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If you have your settings so that your password is remembered, then it is real easy, automatic. :)


Or don't LOG OUT, which is what I do.

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I have my browser (Firefox) set to remember passwords and filled forms.


Then with this site (and most others)-


Click the login button (without entering anything at all).

Up comes a form already filled in with your username and password.

Click 'remember me', click 'Login'.

And you're logged in with just 3 clicks.



There was a bit of an issue last week when Firefox updated to v52 and started blocking 'insecure' HTTP sites. (I believe Chrome is doing this too).

For some reason it was blocking logins and automatic form filling on all vBulletin (and Xenforo) based forums (didn't matter if they were HTTP or HTTPS).

In Firefox you can fix this form filling behavour by going to- about:config and toggling 'signon.autofillForms.http' from false to true.

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