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Smart Wall Thickness not Displaying while drawing

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Hello! An odd and irritating problem. When drawing my smart walls the thickness is not displaying making it difficult to know which side of the line the wall will appear on. Does anyone know what setting I need to change tot fix this?




Instead I get only a single line, and the wall comes in after I complete the command.

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Welcome to CADTutor HRICHEY. :)


I don't use Architecture, but I am guessing that the AEC object created is very much like the Polysolid functionality in Autocad Vanilla.

Check in Settings, at the commandline, or in Properties, and set the JUSTIFICATION howeverr you prefer.

Come to think of it, assuming that you are reading the commandline prompts, as you should be, and that there is a SETTINGS or JUSTIFICATION option, better to set it there. If you change it in Properties, you will only be changing the justification of that particular object, as opposed to the Default behavior for the command.

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