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wireframe and realistic view intermixing


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Hi guys im working on a drawing at the moment and when I change the view into realistic view the colours mix together unless you are really close to the object. the problem with being really close is that you cant see the whole picture and when you zoom out they mix making it really confusing as to which part is which, also when zooming out the wireframe lines start showing up and they become more pronounced then rotating the part. its the only drawing that has done this to me and im out of ideas how to get it back to normal any ideas??

Untitled picture.jpg

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Does your computer rely upon an onboard graphics chip or a graphics card? Maybe whatever you have for graphics is going wonky. How old is the system?


Hmmmm....someone likes classic AutoCAD.

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the computer runs a graphic card but I have other much bigger drawings and I don't have this problem it seems to be isolated to this drawing. the systems is only a couple of years old and will handle the drawing no worries I believe its something in auto cad but I can figure out what it is.



yea wasn't a fan of the ribbon so went back to the old settings ha

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Have you tried opening the drawing on another computer?


Have you tried either WBlocking the objects in the drawing out to a new drawing or using the EXPORTTOAUTOCAD command to create a new drawing?


Without a copy of the actual drawing to play with I can't say for sure what might be happening. Maybe another forum member has an idea.

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Have you tried pasting it into a file that does work properly (as you described) and then render/orbit the objects?



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