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3D Sketches and bringing their dimensions thru into a drawing.

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Hi All;



I am creating piping Isometrics, I am using a 3D sketch at the base and I want to bring the dimensions that create the 3D sketch into the drawing so that it will dimension properly.



I know about the retrieve command but I cant get this to work. I know in Solidworks :twisted: there is a command "Mark for Drawing" I am looking for something similar.



Anyone had any luck doing Piping Iso's in inventor, and not simply just projecting a view cause as we all know it does not dimension nicely.



I look forward to any help.



PS. I'm not keen on the routing functions of inventor as I am doing pipes DN500 and up.

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do you have a 3d sketch that you then used to select its endpoints for the route? or do you mean the "route" where you create the path in 3d? Its a weird scenario, especially if you are used to routing in Solidworks, doing it in Inventor is another world all together.


In the drawing if you right click on the view there is something called "retrieve Dimensions". You can select parts or features, then "select dimensions" so you dont have to bring them all in. The tricky part about this is that it is dimensioning the part and not the sketch. For example if you were doing threaded pipe, the Elbow trims the dimensioned lined based on its connection points. So what was a 13" dimension on a line is now like 11.5" on a pipe in the drawing.


If you right click on the part/assembly itself in the drawing tree there is usually something called "get model dimensions" but 99% sure it doesn't work in this case..

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