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Finding Electrical, Voice & Data Elevation Blocks - Impossible

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Hi All,


I was wondering where in the world you could find receptacle, voice and data elevation blocks to use in drawings? I have scoured the internet for HOURS and can not find anything!!!! Are they built into the CAD database? Is there a way to create your own configuration?


Below would be examples of what we are looking for:









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No, AutoCAD does not include a full library of blocks for every discipline (including electrical) although it does have some sample blocks that can be found on the Tool Palettes.


You should practice your search skills. On my first try I found a website with a block for a data socket along with multiple 3D outlets (1 gang, 2 gang & GFI) from which the 2D views (top, front, side, etc.) could be extracted using either the Base View or Flatshot command. You can also check the websites of manufacturers. Some of them will have free 2D and sometimes even 3D CAD blocks available for downloading. Look under the heading "Resources".


One example. You can find CAD drawings of a duplex receptacle here...https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Wiring_Solutions/Wiring_Devices/Electrical_Plugs,_Connectors,_-a-_Receptacles/Watertight_Plugs,_Connectors,_-a-_Receptacles/BRY5362GRY


I suggest that you just create your own. Judging by the images you have linked to it wouldn't take very long to create blocks of those objects. 10 minutes maybe and that includes a 5 minute coffee break.:lol:


Just curious. You're drawing interior elevations and want to denote the location of outlets, switches, etc.? I wouldn't put too much detail into them since by the time you print out the elevations the outlets/switches, compared to the size of the wall they are on, will be quite small.

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