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How to come up with a Thatched roof in 3ds max


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Hello all,


Its been a while since i logged in, good to be back. anyways im doing a project right now on a resort where i need to present beach cottages and their layout on the beach, i got all materials ready to be rendered but i just dont know how to create the thatched roof. any simple ideas would be awesome.


thanks all

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A lot depends on how close you're going to get to the cottages in your renders. If you're going to be rendering from a distance, you might be able to get away with a simple texture mapped to the roof. But if you're going to be relatively close, or you want to ensure the best quality renders, you might want to look into using the Hair and Fur Modifier. There are lots of tutorials online.


Here's one for creating grass:


And another for creating a rug:

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thank you Cad64 for such a quick reply.


yes i have been working on hair and fur when i started, it was the first thing that came to mind but the file became so large the rendering stage is just impossible to cope with. Im still using my old i5 qosmio lap top so i guess i really need to upgrade for this.


thanks again for the link, im working on the rug right now.

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Rather than trying to render the entire scene all at one time, you could put everything on layers for background objects, mid ground objects and foreground objects. Then turn layers off and render in stages. Then combine the various renders in Photoshop.

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I think, that for presentation of cottages on the beach, you don't need hair and fur for thatched roof, A polygonal shape and a good normal map would be enough.

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