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To admin(must see)


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Having looked at your original Question please note the following:


1. This is a site of Autodesk product users, I.E. AutoCAD, ACAD

Architechture, Inventor Revit etc. Microstation is a Bentley Product.


2. As for calling this site "useless" I strongly Disagree, I have found

the people here, friendly helpful, and generous with their own time

helping other's solve their AutoCAD problems.

Please take these two things into consideration, Thank you.

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Rajesh: Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be opened up unto you.


I looked at your first post and scratched my head wondering why someone was asking a Microstation related question in a forum predominantly populated by AutoDesk product users and just shook my head.


Anyway, I did my best to assist you and I wish in the future you will not be so quick to judge.


I would suggest that you learn how to better phrase your questions and also learn how to conduct a search of the Internet. You might be a very smart young man but it is very evident that you have a whole lot to learn.


I wish you success in your choosen field.

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i expect more from your site .but it becomes useless fro me.

thanq u.


You have posted a question about a product not covered by this site, and still the users on here have tried to answer your question and provide you with a plethora of information, and yet you still have the obnoxiousness to post two threads slating how bad the site is...


In my opinion that is rude and ungrateful.

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Actually i dont know wat is the main theme of this site.I saw above link and i feel that it is related to my stream .thats y i dropped my query.othewise.....i didnt do like so.any way sorry for all.........for misunderstanding.

Actually the main problem is i have little bit of time for taking decision regarding the job.i dont have any idea in this stream.

and one more thing i am saying that this site is useless "FOR ME" only.dont misunderstand BOSS.any way thanks for co operation.

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