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Create a line with Corresponding Dimension


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Hi, I was wondering if i could use two commands, line and dimlinear, in a single lisp file. this one i have measures a line you set with two points and creates a line that is a 1/3 in length of the distance between the two points. I want to add dimension line that will be 500 units above the created line. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


(defun c:aa ()

(setq po1 (getpoint "Pick first point:")

po2 (getpoint po1 "Pick second point:")

le (/ (distance po1 po2) 3)

po3 (polar po1 (angle po1 po2) le))

(entmake (list '(0 . "LINE") (cons 10 po1) (cons 11 po3)))


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Just look at the steps in creating the dimension write them down, you need an extra point this is 500 units above po1 use a polar with (+ (/ pi 2.0) (angle po1 po2)). As a hint when you type dimalign when it asks for a start point type !po1 then type !po3 this will use the two lisp points previously created.

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