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Found 11 results

  1. Can someone help me to find the solution for some doubts. If someone will make one lisp for this, so I think I will get answer for few doubts I need to draw a pline inside this 4 line using line point like this My doubts 1 how to get “line point” with window selection (4 line all pints not in window only 4 line 4 point) (setq p1 (getpoint "\nSelect object...")) (setq p2 (getcorner p1)) (setq mp (polar p1 (angle p1 p2) (/ (distance p1 p2) 2))) (setq p1 (list (nth 0 p1) (nth 1 p1))) (setq p2 (
  2. (defun c:bcr (/ Make_MText i ss ent) (defun *error* ( msg ) (foreach lay lck (vla-put-lock lay :vlax-true)) (if (= 'int (type cmd)) (setvar 'cmdecho cmd)) (LM:endundo (LM:acdoc)) (if (not (wcmatch (strcase msg t) "*break,*cancel*,*exit*")) (princ (strcat "\nError: " msg)) ) (princ) ) (defun Make_MText (pt str) (entmakex (list (cons 0 "MTEXT") (cons 100 "AcDbEntity") (cons 100 "AcDbMText") (cons 10 pt) (cons 1 str)))) (if (setq i -1 ss (LM:ssget "\nSelect block <exit>: " '(((0
  3. In continuation of this thread I would like to continue this interesting story about UCSs and transformed entities. So far I have understood ( I am thankful to the community here) that An OCS is an coordinate system that most of the Autocad entities use instead of any other CS An OCS share the same origin with the WCS, however its x,y,z may be other than the one of the WCS However, it seems that something still eludes me and I cannot fully grasp it. I made a very simple model with a line drawn in WCS from 0,0,0 to 1,2,3. I would like to insert the same
  4. Hi. I am generating a block using ENTMAKE, but I have noticed that the property "InsUnits (RO)" indicates "Unitless". The variable "INSUNITS of the document (drawing) is set to "6" for Meters, but when generating the Block the property is set as Unitless. How do I assign the property to the BLOCK as this is the INSUNITS variable? (defun ent-block (nameBlock pto-ins atrib-var / ) (entmake (list '(0 . "BLOCK") '(100 . "AcDbEntity") '(100 . "AcDbBlockBegin") '(8 . "0") (cons 2 nameBlock) (cons 10 pto-ins) (cons 70 (if atrib-var 2 0)) ) ) ) (defun
  5. Hi, I was wondering if i could use two commands, line and dimlinear, in a single lisp file. this one i have measures a line you set with two points and creates a line that is a 1/3 in length of the distance between the two points. I want to add dimension line that will be 500 units above the created line. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance. (defun c:aa () (setq po1 (getpoint "Pick first point:") po2 (getpoint po1 "Pick second point:") le (/ (distance po1 po2) 3) po3 (polar po1 (angle po1 po2) le)) (entmake (list '(0 . "LINE") (cons 10 po1) (cons 11 po
  6. I have done quite a search and have not found any good explanation to use entmake to insert a defined block, and scale or rotate that block upon insertion. The idea is to tag a line (pipe), and add the diameter, length, and cut-length of that pipe using attributes. I have the code to get the line information ready, and was working on the entmake for the attribute block to label the "pipes". Here is the code for the attribute block: (defun c:apd (/ LAY1 LAY2 LAY3 LAY4 CLR1 CLR2 CLR3 CLR4 LTP1 LTP2 LTP3 LTP4 FONT value1 value2 value3 rotation p) ;;;
  7. I am working off of this code cadpanacea.com/node/186, but when I try to run the following, the radius of the circular hatch varies based on the 'ctr' variable's distance from the origin. I would like it to depend solely on the 'ctr' and 'edge' points. (defun c:test()(setvar "osmode" 0) (setq ctr (getpoint "\nCenter of Circle: ")) (setq edge (getpoint "\nEdge of Circle: ")) (entmakex (list (cons 0 "HATCH") (cons 100 "AcDbEntity") (cons 8 "E-GRND") (cons 100 "AcDbHatch") (cons 10 ctr) (cons 210 (list 0 0 1)) (cons 2 "SOLID") (cons 70 1) (cons 71 0) (cons 91 1) (cons 92 1) (co
  8. Hello! I just stared working in AutoLISP a few days ago, and I've come across a problem. I need to create a dimension line where the dimension value is dependent on an input value. So if the input is y, then the text on the dimension line should equal 4.5*(y+1) inches, and it also needs to have a character width of 0.75. Currently, it just displays 4 1/2". As I understand it, this would be a real number, meaning I can't concatenate it with the inches symbol. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (defun c:retan (/ p1 p2 p3 p4 x y i j)(setvar "osmode" 0) (setq p1 (getpoint "\nf
  9. Why "too few arguments"? (defun c:mci (cp) (setq cp (getpoint "\nCenter point:")) (entmake (list (cons 0 "CIRCLE");;Entity (cons 62 5);;Color (cons 10 cp);;Center point (cons 40 2);;Radius ) ) (princ) )
  10. I am trying to write a routine that allows users to input items and weights in a dialog box, and outputs a formatted MText (among other things). I allow the user to input up to 10 items, but I only want the MText to use the values that are filled in. Here's what my dialog box looks like: And here's what my output looks like: Here's my code for the Mtext: (setq val (strcat "\\pxtr18,c20,r30;\t" eq1 "\t=\t" wt1 " LB \\P\t" eq2 "\t=\t" wt2 " LB \\P\t" eq3 "\t=\t" wt3 " LB \\P\t" eq4 "\t=\t" wt4 " LB \\P\t" eq5 "\t=\t" wt5 " LB \\P\t" eq6 "\t=\t" wt6 " LB
  11. dirkvandonkelaar

    Annotative text style

    Hi guys, I'm learning to use LISP functions and came across an problem. Maybe it has been asked thousand times, but I couldn't find an relative thread here. I want to create a function that checks if there is an text style named "Tekst 2.5". Now, the problem is that i can't get the text style to be annotative This is what I have: (defun c:test (/) (if (null (tblsearch "style" "tekst 2.5")) (entmake (list '(0 . "STYLE") '(100 . "AcDbSymbolTableRecord") '(100 . "AcDbTextStyleTableRecord") '(2 . "Tekst 2.5") ; Style name
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