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Code Lisp entget Hatch


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Hello everbody. Thank all for read my thread

I want to determine the blue dot coordinates but fail. i hope everybody help me code lisp

My code

;;------------------------------=={  2017  }==-------------------------------;;
(prompt "\n=={Created by PHÒNG TKCD - CIENCO625******************************}==")
(prompt "\n=={Thanhdattdk@gmail.com******************************}==")
(defun c:mm ()
(princ "\nCh\U+1ECDn c\U+00E1c Hatch c\U+1EA7n t\U+1EA1o l\U+1EA1i Boundary : ")
(command "-style" "DIENTICH" "arialbd_0.ttf" "0" "0.9" "0" "n" "n")
(setq tnct (ssget (list (cons 0 "HATCH"))))
(setq i 0)
(setq lmt (sslength tnct))
(while (< i lmt)
		(setq e (ssname tnct i))
		(setq laynd (entget e))
		[b][color="blue"](setq td (cdr (assoc 10 laynd)))[/color][/b]
	;tao tap rong de tinh dien tinh cho Hatch tao nhieu PL
	(setq S 0)
	(setq Q (entlast) AA (ssadd))
	(command "-hatchedit" e "B" "P" "")
	(setq Q (entnext Q))
	(setq AA (ssadd Q AA))
;tinh dien tich cac phan tu cua group vua tao
(setq j 0)
(setq dat (sslength AA))
(while (< j dat)
(setq doituong (ssname AA j))
(command "area" "o" doituong)
(setq Si (getvar "area"))
(setq S (+ S Si))
(setq j (+ j 1))
(princ S)
(princ td)
(command ".ERASE" AA "")
;viet text len vi tri hatch
(command "text" "ml" td "2.5" "0" S "")
(setq i (+ i 1))


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A quicker way maybe is use BPOLY it makes a pline of your hatch boundary, you can then get simply the co-ordinates of the new pline and theer are some centroid routines out there as well.

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Since you are using the point to position text, why not calculate the center of the boundingbox instead of the centroid?

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thank you very much.

(setq Rec (acet-ent-geomextents e)

pt1 (nth 0 Rec);lay dinh

pt2 (nth 1 Rec);lay dinh

mid (acet-geom-midpoint pt1 pt2)


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