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Adding color

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Hello, could someone please help me with adding color to a drawing. I have a drawing of an office floor plan. On one floor, there are 5 different branches. I want to designate a color for each branch. How can I add color to each room on my floor plan?

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Attila The Gel

Welcome to this forum kbattist!


I usualy make a boundery with pline "pl" and than hatch that area in any color I desire.


MAke sure you do this in a new layer so you can turn it off if you want to draw anything els on the floorplans.

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Attila The Gel

Well heres a step by step.


1, open a new drawing to test!


2, type 'pl' to create a polyline then enter so you can start.


3, make a random figure (square) and when your done type "c" to close it


4, now type "hatch" and enter. the hacth option will start up.


5. Take a look at all the optios here, normaly you can figure it out.

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