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Trimble SVL and SVD export files

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For a client i was asked to deliver a .SVL and .SVD file for a trimble GPS machine control.


I had contact with a helpdesk but after further inspection i still have the same problem as before.


Using Trimble Link i created a .TTM file from withing Civil 3D using a surface and use that .TTM model (plus .DXF with 3D breaklines) to create SVL and SVD files with Trimble Business Center HCE.



Ok, so far so good. I got my model in HCE and the 3D lines has z-values. So when i export it to a 'Machine job site design export' i get a SVL and SVD file.

The SVL has the linework and the SVD a 3D model (much like a surface or a LandXML model).


The problem i have is that the linework in the SVL file doesn't have any z-values on them. And as i include points (base point for Totalstation) they also get a z-value of 0.



Anyone working with this Trimble software that can offer me any explanation on why the lineworks get turned in something 2D with no z-values on the export?

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