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Copying sheet notes


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I have general sheet notes set up on on sheet (using a sheet note schedule) and would like to make a copy of it and change a few of the notes to insert on a different sheet.

I can't seem to figure out how...


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If it's simple enough I wouldn't use Schedules at all. Just plain "dumb text" for sheet notes as I do in AutoCAD.


See how I did it in this example project:



Not sure if this directly helps you or if you absolutely need it to be a Note Schedule just for general notes. With Text on the sheet you can just edit as you wish, copy/paste, etc.



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Thanks TZ


That does sound easier.


I got an error - can't find page, on your link.


But should I still use schedules for Keyed notes?

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Keyed Notes Schedules should never be used in this manner. I'm assuming you read this online somewhere? It was an old trick to try and format things nicely and it is an absolute disaster of a workaround.


Just use a block of text, as you would if you used AutoCAD, on the sheet itself. Only if it's simple. If you have a large project, or have tons of notes, then use the Keynote Manager, but that requires external text file and other processes to consider.


Try this:


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