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OK, I am going to design a garage in Revit. Need assistance and guidence.

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I am doing a side project for someone in CAD but I also want to do it side by side in Revit. Not going to charge the client for the time to learn it in Revit but I want to learn how to do it.

It's a simple design 24'x24' garage with an upstairs area. 9' lower ceiling height with 2x4 wall construction, 8" CMU foundation with poured footings.

OK, 1st off I do not see a 2x4 exterior wall style in my list. Do I have to create one or start off with a generic wall style and then edit it?


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Correct! You will be creating a Wall Type.


What I would do first is make sure you have your levels set. You have to do this in a section or elevation view. You'll want the following Levels created:

  • Foundation (Height is bottom of footing, will be a negative elevation)
  • Level 1 (0'-0")
  • Level 2 (Whatever height this will be)
  • Roof (Optional)


Then, the easiest way to get moving is to create a temporary wall off to the side. Select it, click "Edit Type" in Properties then Duplicate the Wall Type and rename it accordingly. While still in Type Properties, click the Edit button associated with the Wall Structure parameter and set the values as needed. You now have your Wall Type created. I'm sure Youtube has tons of this stuff online to show you.


Hope this helps!



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Ah, good tips, thanks bro! I'll do these and report back to the "class" ;)



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