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Civil 3D Profiles

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We are using Civil 3D to generate profiles of our pipe network

But the format of the profiles as given by Civil 3D is not what we require

So we have to use a lisp to manually adjust the profiles but now on Vanilla Autocad

Attached is what Civil 3D gives us and what we require.

Anyone familiar on how we can achieve what we require by using Civil 3d alone....Civil 3D Profile.PNG

Required Outcome.PNG

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I have used pipe 'tables' to do almost exactly what you attached. The tables take some work to create properly but all of the fields you request seem to be available.



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try these steps:


open a file with a pipe network

from the pipes pull-down menu select "add tables" second item from the bottom

you will need to select a table style and you can choose items either by picking them separately or as a network

you will need to modify the table style to include the fields you need and the format you want them to be displayed.


or from the ribbon:


add tables-

pipe network-





hope this helps

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