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I have a strange request. I am a AutoCAD user , but my employer also uses Caddie software. Caddie has a DTM application and I really dont have a clue how it works. But, I think it can be worth the effort to try and explore and master this in my free time. I have some tutorials with regards to this and I think some of the things you can do with the Digital Terrain Moddeling application is more or less the same what one would do with Map 3d. Not sure though.

My request is, if anyone of you out there has some sample files with terrain modeling info on it, , like contours, heights, etc. Which you can attach here or mail me.I only want some different scenarios to open in Caddie and experiment with the program. Like, creating the model from the values and do cuts an fills an sections and such, and also then try to take back some of that info into AutoCAD.

Caddie can open dwg. Files

Here is a link so you can check out what kind of files I need. If anyone can help i would be grateful.

Im not sure if one are allowed to put your email address here????

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The simplest transfer method is to provide 3dfaces that represent a terrain model. I will see what I have try to give you an interesting area.

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Thank you so much. I will very much appreciate it.

I have seen with the AEC objects in Caddie, the best way to bring them into AutoCAD and to use them there is also to explode it and make it 3d faces in Autocad

My mail adress is ladtechspec@gmail.com

Thank you in advance

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