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Need help creating a dynamic block that has a variable array distance for a rectangle

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I am working on creating my first dynamic block. So up front I will apologize if this is a no brainer question.


What I need to accomplish is to have a rectangle that I can change the size of dynamically. That part I have figured out. Where I am getting tripped up is that I need to be able to array the rectangle, but have it add a slight gap between each of them. I would ideally like to have it set up where I can set my rectangle dimension as follows: (these are just my default values, they can change to anything)


Width = 6'

Height = 3'

Gap = .03125'


From there I could use the dynamic array and it would carry out the array with the gap I specify.


I can get the array to work with the default values I have entered in, but as soon as I change the Gap value then things get thrown out of whack. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Do you only need to array it vertically?

Having a variable array within a dynamic block is not a fuction AutoCAD supports yet.


There's a few different ways to tackle this. It would be easier to use the standard array command on a dynamic rectangle IMO


ill give it a crack see what I can come up with.

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