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How to extract xdata into excel or txt

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This will get you started. This retrieves the data and output to a txt file or excel would happen where the Alert is. There is a lot of variables and depending on object xdata varies so it will require further coding to match what it is you want to exactly output.


; xdata retrieve example by Alan H Aug 2017
(defun c:test ( / ent vals x codes datas)
(setq ent (entget (car (entsel "select an object"))))
(vla-GetXData (vlax-ename->vla-object (cdr (assoc -1 ent))) "" 'codes 'datas)
(if (/= datas nil)
(setq vals (vlax-safearray->list datas))
(setq ans "Xdata is\n\n")
(repeat (setq x (length vals))
(setq ans (strcat ans   (vlax-variant-value (nth (setq x (- x 1)) vals)) "\n"))
(alert ans)
(alert "Please pick again object has no xdata")

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