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From Autocad to Sketchup for Materials and Rendering (V-Ray)

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I have just completed a rendering in Sketchup after applying materials mostly white color, translucent (for glazing) and a few red here and there. I am very unhappy about the output. I am unable to add Tiles which is also white (600x600), and through the cupboard is white, there is still some yellow appearing and the translucent glass is now opaque. Furthermore I have difficulties importing clothes, mannequin, toys from the warehouse. My drawing is in mm. It seemed they have different units.


Shop 02.jpg

Shop 01.jpg

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Yeah, you have to be careful of items in the 3D warehouse. No telling at what scale someone was working in when they uploaded it. You can always just scale it to fit your need. I think you need to add some sort of ceiling and use lights other than the sun. Looks like a good start.

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