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can't uninstall autocad, getthing these errors

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hi all

I am having bizarre issues with the attached DWG, for some reasons it keeps on freezing in my PC... I try to rotate the structure, i try to move the red points, then a bit, it freezes. And after another bit I get FATAL error and CAD crashes...


One thing I noticed, now that I just opened up my DWG in another machine, the underlaying PDF vanished. In fact the DWG should look like the attached photo, with the pdf of the structure which i imported and then trimmed.


the pdf can be downloaded here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B12JygCn5zCmdUhPaXdZdklkTkU


Maybe I didn't construct the drawing properly but i don' understand why CAD would crash?



Is there anything unusual in my DWG?


many thanks!


last attempt.dwg

Screenshot - 16_09_2017 , 07_47_10.jpg

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Dana W

Why didn't you mention "Can't Uninstall AutoCad" in your post? It's in the thread title. Why would you do that, to fix the crashes? In almost all cases there is nothing wrong with the program. It's kinda like tearing down your house, and rebuilding it to change the paint color.


First turn off all the other apps that are running, internet browser and email for starters, then try restarting AutoCad. Then try restarting your computer. Restarting either or both will empty most trash and orphaned data out of CPU and Video memory cashes relieving processing space.


The attached xref disappeared because it is on a different computer, and AutoCad can't find it because of that. There should have been a message telling you there was one or more unresolved cross reference files. You have to move the xref file(s) along with the main drawing and re-establish the xref file directory path in the xref manager, or use ETRANSMIT which will create a ZIP file containing all the required elements of the drawing project, which you can move or copy to anywhere you want, and the xrefs stay attached.


There are any number of things that can cause a fatal error, but it boils down to something in the drawing overwhelming the CPU's ability to follow the program code instructions.


Some examples.


Massive dwg file size, limiting the CPU's or Video card's ability to process the file.


Massive xref file size. For a pdf attachment, this can be because the pdf was generated from AutoCad and the drafter chose to include LAYER and BLOCK data, or the pdf was generated from a scanned raster image file at high resolution. Nine times out of ten, freeze-ups and crashes because of a very large pdf come from the video card being overwhelmed, and/or the virtual video disk space being filled repeatedly simply by trying to pan. The same conditions can be caused by a very large dwg file xref.


Limited computer system specifications. Same conditions as massive file size.


Database errors in either the main drawing or the xrefs.


Incompatibility between the AutoCad version and operating system version. For instance, no AutoCad release older than 2016 SP.1 is supported by Windows 10. They will all run, but there can be unpredictable conflicts.

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I had to work on a huge file once and turning off the snaps helped me out.

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