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layer states in viewports bugged after loading a drawing

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In my drawing, i want to use different layer states in different viewports. In these layer states i want

- certain layers frozen.

- certain layers have their colour changed to grey.

- certain layers unchanged, so that they stand out when plotted in colour.


So i made my layer states, and made a layer state 'all layers on'. I set model space to 'all layers on' and set the different viewports to my different layer states.


so far so good, and everything works well. Then i save, quit en load the drawing, and the viewports are no longer showing in a correct way.

The frozen layers are still frozen, but some of the layers that should be grey, are back to their original colour.


This is annoying, because other people (who don't know layer states) have to be able to open these drawings and plot them.


Can anyone help me with this?


PS : i know i could have the same result with plot styles or with viewport overrides, but i need this to work with layer states.

PPS : autocad version is 2018LT

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From AutoCAD Help


Save Layer Property Override Settings


When layers contain viewport property overrides, those settings are saved to a layer state when the viewport that contains overrides is active.


If the layer state is saved from model space, any layer property override settings are not included. This is because only one value can be saved for each layer property in a layer state. If layer property overrides need to be saved in the layer state, make the viewport active on the layout tab and then save the layer state.


Restore Layer Settings


When you restore a layer state, the layer settings (layer states and layer properties) that were specified when the layer state was saved are restored. You can specify specific settings to restore in the Layer States Manager. The layer property settings that are not selected remain unchanged in the drawing.


If the drawing contains layers that were added since a layer state was saved, you can add those layers. By editing the layer state and using the Select Layers to Add to Layer State dialog box you can select the layers you want to add to the layer state.



NoteTo be notified when new layers are added to the drawing, use the LAYEREVAL and LAYERNOTIFY system variables.


When restoring layer states, the following additional behaviors can occur

•When restoring a layer state, the layer that was current when the layer state was saved is made current. If that layer no longer exists, the current layer does not change.

•If a layout viewport is active when a layer state is restored, and the Visibility in Current VP restore option is selected, all layers that need to be visible in the viewport are turned on and thawed in model space. All layers that should not be visible in the viewport are set to VP Freeze in the current viewport and the model space visibility is unchanged.


The Layers panel on the RIBBON contains controls for selecting and restoring saved layer states, including a button to access the Layer States Manager. The name of the last restored layer state is displayed in the Layers panel. When the layers are modified so that the current layer state is no longer current, “Unsaved Layer State” is displayed instead of the name of the last restored layer state.



Restore Property Override Settings


When the Apply Properties as Viewport Overrides restore option is selected in the Layer States Manager, viewport overrides are restored to the viewport that is current at the time the layer state is restored.


When a layer state is saved in model space and is restored in paper space,

•You can choose whether color, linetype, lineweight, transparency, or plot style properties are restored as viewport overrides.

•Viewport overrides are applied to the current layout viewport.

•Layers that were turned off or frozen in model space are set to VP Freeze in the Layer Properties Manager for the active layout viewport.


When a layer state is saved in paper space and is restored in model space,

•Layer property overrides are restored as global layer properties in model space.

•Layers that were frozen in a layout viewport are also frozen in model space.

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