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Using relative POINT command

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Hello, can someone please advise how I can use the POINT command to set a point relative to the start of a drawn line?


If that is possible, can you please advise how I can make it be highlighted with the cursor so that I can draw a circle using the point as a centre?

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Worked out how to do the first part. It is a 2 step process

1. In the command bar, type POINT and select the reference point, in which case the beginning of the line

2. hit Enter for the POINT command to appear again, and this time write the relative coordinates eg @100,200


Would still like for the point to be highlighted by the cursor for locating the centre of a circle. Would appreciate it if anyone can help

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To your first question. One option would be to use AutoCAD's Object Snap Tracking feature.


I don't know of a way you could then highlight the point. I stand corrected...see below.:ouch:

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Come on ReMark think, select last would just highlight it ;)

Which brings up the next couple of points do you really need to draw a point first, to draw the point relative to another point (end of line) use the command modifier "from"

so for a point the sequence of keyboard input would be

point  <enter>
from   <enter>
<pick the end of line>
@10,10 <enter>

The "@" symbol makes coordinates relative ("#" for absolute)

You could highlight the point then but as ReMark says changing the point style would make it more readily visible, however, if you do highlight the point once you start the circle command the point would no longer be highlighted

your best method to use that point position would be start the circle command and then just press

@ <enter>

Which in this context always automatically selects the last point used by Autocad and can be used whenever you are asked to select a point, but if you don't really need the point for anything you can just use the "from" command modifier as above to centre the circle at relative coordinates from the end of a line

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Why do you need a point to make circle off of out of curiosity.


It was an exercise I was given in my beginners AutoCAD class, involving a rectangle and a small circle inside it somewhere, with the centre given by distance from the bottom LH corner of the rectangle. The rest of the class drew offset lines to position the circle, and I unsuccessfully tried POINT to identify it


THANKS TO STEVEN-G , I first selected the reference point using POINT command and cursor, then selected CIRCLE, RADIUS and then wrote in the relative corodinates @100,200. I then used the dynamic box on the screen to enter the radius of the circle. Worked beautifully.


thanks kindly for your help.


But if I do have a single point on the screen, how do I highlight it if I move the cursor on it, so I can snap to that point?

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i see. so many ways in autocad to do that. if that was me i would either draw rectangle starting from origin (0,0) then create circle and choose desired x,y coordinates for center point of circle. If ucs is somewhere else I use to draw it at the rectangle's starting corner and then move circle up picking distance in y and then move in the x. Really all depends what snaps and other drafting options you have set up. Using absolute and relative is way to go. I guess they just wanted you to know points are a thing in autocad but I would never use a point for that.

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2 answers use snap Node for points







Thanks Steven would not have thought of that.


How many ways ?

AS mentioned offsets and use INT

Ucs Or "Pick end line" c 10,10 ucs w

C "Pick end line" move F8 "drag mouse" 10 move L "drag mouse" 10

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