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Connected blocks

daniel berg

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Dear fellow autocad users.

I am working on a large project involving many different and very specific doors.

The doors we are using in plan view are simple dynamic door blocks with a fiew different settings, width, hinge side and so on.


What i want to do is connect the door blocks in the architectural plan drawing, to door blocks in the door elevation drawing, so that if I change the width or hinge side of a door in the plan drawning, the connected block, or block "twin" in the door elevation drawing automaticly follows.


Is this possible?


Best regards

Daniel Berg

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Afraid not, dynamic blocks can only have the parameters altered by physically clicking on the blocks, so if this is two physically separate dwg files then even creating a script file with details from one drawing would have no effect on dynamic blocks in a second drawing. If the plan and elevation are in one dwg file but different layouts then you could possibly come up with a solution that involved the plan and elevation of a door within a single dynamic block that could be dragged to different areas in a drawing, but that would be a lot of work to figure out.



I think the closest you might get to making sure all deatails are the same is using attributed blocks giving door numbers and handing details etc. and then use the attext command on both drawings and bring the two lists into excel and compare them there. It doesn't automate anything but it does give you a check to make sure both drawings have the same info. You will still have to update the blocks by hand should it be required.

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This would work in Revit wouldn't it? There is a plan view that uses the regular top down view of blocks. I know when you create content that includes blocks you have to draw a block that is a plan view block.

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