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Collaboration with Google File stream.

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Our head of IT has moved the company over to almost exclusive use of Google business apps because you know Microsoft are the evil corporation :twisted:


Consequently we've lost excel which means I now have to use the crappy table function that LT has and we use Google drive for sharing files outside of the business. A few weeks ago Google released a new app for Drive called file stream and it really isn't too bad, it maps your cloud drive to your computer like a network drive so it got me wondering if we could use it for real time collaboration.


I tested x-refs first and it really worked, if the drawings had relative paths and you copied them up to the drive in the same file structure you didn't have to do anything, and if you didn't they opened from our network.


I was slightly worried to start with what would happen if two people opened the file at the same time as there is about a seconds pause when you open files in Autocad but it is worse than that. When I got file stream installed on a colleagues machine he and I could open up the same drawing that he had open, even though the dwl file had been created and I could see it in windows explorer.


Has anyone else tried this? Is this something AutoCAD have done to make you use their cloud service?

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