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Title Block Isn't Fitting!


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I have an odd issue with AutoCAD 2014.


I have two different files which should be identical when I go to plot- exact same xref'ed title block, same paper size set, same plot style, same output (dwg to pdf in this case). This particular title block is set to plot properly at 1:1 paperspace on Arch D 24x36 by window, with center the plot selected. Sure, I could fit to paper, but then everything would be a tiny bit out of scale.


I've triple-checked all of these settings between the two files; I even changed drawing units to mm temporarily and measured both title blocks in paper space to make sure they were the exact same size. However, in one file the title block doesn't fit - both sides hang off the paper space by a tiny bit.


I can't think of what variable I'm overlooking that may be causing this. The outputs should be exactly the same, but one file refuses to play nice and fit the whole title block to the plot area!


EDIT: I think I know what the problem is, but not how to fix it. See attached image. Basically, I need to get the intersection of the dashed lines to the center of the red circle (follow the blue arrow). That's how the correct file looks when it plots.attachment.php?attachmentid=62467&cid=1&stc=1

Plot SNAFU2.png

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Could you post the .dwgs that do this? All we need is the part that doesn't match up when plotted, remove any proprietary information if needed.


Are you plotting extents? Perhaps an image of the plot setting for each.

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