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Creating Dynamic Block for Channelizers

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I am trying to create a dynamic block for inserting channelizers in traffic control plans. I am new to dynamic blocks and seem to be missing something. I want it to do almost what it's doing except the first channelizer isn't lining up with the rest of them creating a weird "dent" in the straitght line and the array grip moves out well past where the objects are, so say i need 500' of channelizers, i have to move the grip well out the 100' in order to get the channelizers to show up for the 500'.


I would also like to be able to change the array distance in between the channelizers, is there a way to do this without creating multiple blocks with different array amounts?


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It looks like the array you have used is functioning in a very weird way. As you rotate the grip it starts actually curving the arrayed items.


There is still no function in dynamic block parameters to allow for variable array distances. hopefully one day, as it would be the holy grail of dynamic block making.


That said it can be done with dimensional and geometric constraints.


How exactly would you like this the function? Does it just need to array in a straight line at set distances?


If you could give me a quick brief on its actual; functions I can try and make one that satisfies all goals or advise you on a better way to do it.

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