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Large File Size - DGN Linetypes (Orphaned Data) already removed

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Where did the drawing originate from?


What program was the drawing created with?


Did you "borrow" any content from any other drawing and insert it into this drawing?


Do you regularly clean up your drawings using such commands as Overkill, -Purge, Audit and WBlock?


Some of the objects are extracted from Revit files where it came from, and for sure I copied some objects in different drawings.

I usually purge my drawings on each save, I recover and audit the file rarely and used it once when AutoCAD suddenly crashes.


Original File:


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For a drawing that is 41MB it sure loaded fast. I have a 5MB 3D model that takes longer to load than your drawing.


Well I ran the Overkill command and reduced the number of objects in the drawing from 2366 (2 not in current space) to 1321 and it dropped the file size from 41MB to 208KB.


Then I WBlocked the contents of model space to a new drawing and the file size dropped to 190KB.


Running the Audit command found and fixed two errors with the database.


Perhaps the file bloat was a by-product of Revit? I'm not sure.


My advice would be to practice good CAD procedures and regularly clean up your drawings before saving them. And if you are going to "borrow" content from another drawing, especially if the drawing was created within another program then "saved as" an AutoCAD .dwg file, retain a "clean" copy of your original drawing under a different name as insurance in case things go badly.

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Thanks for the tips ReMark.. One thing I found out, saving it to 2007 version

makes the file also lesser.

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