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When moving assemblies, how to ensure that part locations are changed with the move?

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-When moving assemblies, how to ensure that part locations are changed with the move?

-Is it possible to make solidworks look for "part" files from an "assembly" starting from the "assembly" location (Assemblylocation.parts), rather than a system location (C:Solidworksfiles.Products.Assemblylocation.parts)?



More detail:


I'm currently managing a fairly large (about 1000+ cad files) a (earliest from solidworks 2009, latest solidworks 2017) server filled with various part and assembly files. Myself (and some of my coworkers) have been having some problems trying to organize these files, as both their naming and placement grew pretty organically with time, and had no consistent organisation.


One of our main problems is that if a single folder name is changed we pretty much have to re-link every single part in the assembly, as solidworks seems to search from the original file path of each part. I decided to check out the "Search routine for reference documents" (http://help.solidworks.com/2017/english/solidworks/sldworks/c_search_routine_for_referenced_documents.htm). Step 3 seems to suggest that the program will (eventually) search near the active assembly, but every time I attempt to open a file, it attempts to search for the original file path only, and fails to find the part.


I decided to see if changing the "Referenced Documents Folders" path, but that seemed to be a system-wide change, rather than a document change, making it impossible to use with files spread over an entire network.


So currently I'm trying to find a way to keep the proper part/assembly links valid without having to redo each link individually. With new solidworks 2017, parts seemed to follow the assembly if they where moved together, though I eventually realised that was only because it was still taking parts from the original part location. So now I'm looking for a more elegant solution here. How to best move assemblies so that the parts stay connected with them?


Any help is appreciated!

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My suggestion would be to rename files using SolidWorks Explorer and not Windows Explorer. You'll have much better luck maintaining relation ships that way.


Also, read this: https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/54591

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