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AutoCad (Full) 2016 section through RCP


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Hi All,


I have a point cloud taken with a Drone and ported to an RCP file via Recap.


Whilst I can import and crop the point cloud in AutoCAD easily enough, I simply can't make a section plan through it.


I'd really like to be able to do this so I can make site plans.


Online videos seem to show you picking a plan or point and getting a "plane" whilst I just get a line. I can pick it but unless I set to boundary it's just a line.


If I pick this so called section I don't get the additional option in the section place panel either so !?!?!?!


If I upload the RCP would anybody who's well versed in this feature see if they can do it or if the RCP is defective in some way?

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I may try this process in AutoCAD to see how good I do. I deal with point clouds often but Revit is my main program, and Revit can section, or "slice", through point clouds very well. I will follow up to see if I come up with anything. FWIW I use AutoCAD 2018, not 2016 so I may have newer tools than 2016.



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So I think there are some natural setbacks. What I think you're trying to do is have a multi faceted "section" so you can follow contours of a site, correct? I am not seeing where this is possible in a section process. What you can do, is create a second copy of the point cloud and use ReCap to select areas and delete unnecessary portions of the point cloud itself. This is a simple process of prepping the point cloud to a usable state. Is this not an option for you?



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HI All,


I have an aerial scan of a building sat on a site delivered as a .LAS file. Recap was used to create and .RCP from it.

This RCP pulls into AutoCAD fine and I can crop it etc.

I want to do a flat horizontal section plane at the level that chops the top half off the buildings and perimeter fence and export that thus giving me the simple data to draw the building footprint and perimeter fence.

There are examples of this being done on YouTube, I am unable to so am seeking help.


Here is what I mean: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/lRIoNCkHTnMljYTejMh67MsrlU2V64OwXU3PzW7oKUsscDTen4UqhPMX0upK2xwvC_dKkBHmkac_2QmAZ2TcbMvYvwR-n_dOpcIE4dveVEDY7BJWGy5wK3Gb-kQ9Z7hNV4SK60PN


From watching a video about it, when I select he point cloud in Acad, I get all the options to manipulate it...except section plane !?


I can crop, change point density, transparency etc. I can change scan colours but I have no section plane option...weird!

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