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Using local variables with open command script


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Im working on a test lisp to see if I can automate binding an existing xref & converting a bounded block reference back into an xref. while I was able to automate bind, I realized the express tool (-blocktoxref) is incompatible with lisp as it cant seem to find the command. Then I created a script that allows me to set up an open command, but I cant seem to use my local variables (BLKNAME & NEWFILEPATH) with the script command. So my question is, Is it possible to write a script via lisp? and if so how?


(defun c:ws_Layer_copy ()
(setq en (ssget "x" '((0 . "insert") (8 . "XREF - ELECTRICAL - 1"))))
(setq ent (ssname en 0))
(setq EN (entget ent))
(setq layno (vl-string-left-trim "XREF - ELECTRICAL - " (cdr(assoc 8 EN))))
(setq dwgpath (getvar "dwgprefix"))  
(setq dwgname (getvar "dwgname"))
(setq nametrim (vl-string-right-trim "HVAC LAYOUT.dwg" dwgname))
(if (= layno "1")
 (setq layname "1st")
 (if (= layno "2")
 (setq layname "2nd")
 (if (= layno "3")
 (setq layname "3rd")
 (if (= layno "4")
 (setq layname "4th")
 (if (= layno "5")
 (setq layname "5th")
(setq newfilepath (strcat nametrim layname " Floor Electrical" ))
(setq blkname (vl-string-left-trim dwgpath newfilepath))  
(command "-xref" "bind" newfilepath )
(command "script" "blocktoxref.scr" )  

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A lot of the express tools can be accessed via lisp you need though to look in the lisp code for express 2 come to mind extrim & Tcircle can be accessed but not by those names. Will try to find in lisp.

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