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TABLESTYLE not being applied


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Task: Create a schedule from an excel spreadsheet.


Tablestyle has been created & looks great when used with "start with empty table". The problem occurs when "create from data link" is used. The information shows up just fine & it lists as the correct tablestyle that has been created but the formatting is lost. From font, to style, to color of text & borders. All gone.


Creating schedules from scratch is a typical process but with having excel schedules in place its a little different. I probably could have done them the old way by now since a solution to my problem is nowhere to be found.



Attachment shows the desired table style (above) and how it shows up (below)


Currently running 2017 MEP in windows. Vanilla Cad is not helping either.



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Can you post a dwg and xls like image above.


Not sure if this is a software bug or simply a setting that is wrong. Everything seems to be done correctly but the styles are not being applied. A table will have the correct style listed as current but the formatting is not there. In addition, the font used in the text style is not the font used when the table style is applied. The cell will have the correct cell type but not the formatting. Tables can be corrected by re-applying the desired format but once a data update takes place the formatting is lost. Certainly not desirable. The feature is a nice thought but does work correctly.


Please advise.



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