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Writing text on a dimension arrow

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In the atachment below, a section of a circle can be seen which I previously drew plus a dimension line with text on it that I wrote.


I can't recall how I managed to do this. Note that there's an arrow head at one end only.


When I click dimension to repeat this, I'm just getting a length measurement.


Could anyone remind me how to go about this?


Thank you.



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Given that the text begins with "R5" you probably used Dimension > Radius then opted to avail yourself of the Text option.




You may also want to enable dimension text to be aligned with the dimension line (see Text tab).

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if you have to go back and add text to an existing dimension, double click the dim text to open the dim text editor, arrow key the cursor to the right of the R5, and type in anything you want, click the open screen somewhere to exit the dim text editor.


You will also find a Text Override line on your properties pallet, where you can enter more text, either instead of or in addition to the existing text. To do what your picture shows type my text here . the tells AutoCad NOT to overwrite the existing dim text. You can also type my text here . The tells AutoCad where to place the existing dimension text in relation to what you are adding in the override.


If you obliterate the existing dimension text by accidentally overtyping it, you can get it back. Using either the first example of double clicking the dim text itself, or using the properties pallet, simply go back in the same way, select/highlight the current contents, and backspace until the text field is empty, then click some where else. The original dim text, R5, will re-appear back where it belongs.

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