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Lisp Routine to make boundaries of selected objects

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I am new in this website.

By new i mean it is the first time i make an account. I have been visiting this website for around 3 or 4 (maybe 5) years. I dont remember.


After using autocad for over 8 years (starting in with autocad 2009) i sometimes start to think that i can not learn any more. But everytime i see a new lisp routine, and my lack of knowledge to code them, i feel that i have so much to learn.


Anyways, enough chit chat.


I am looking for two things and i hope some good person can help me pointing me in the right direction.

First i would love to learn how to code those lisp routines because at my work (real state and urbanism) there are a thousand ways that i can make it faster with lisp routines.

Second, i was looking exactly for a lisp routine that makes boundaries out of the selected objects.

Imagine a urban block (a closed polyline) , and now imagine the divisions between its lots (they can be polylines, lines or arcs) . I need to make one boundary in each lot. I can do it with the "boundary" command, but the thing is that sometimes we have around 10k lots (500 urban blocks), so that is a lot of clicking.


I use autocad architecture 2016 and windows 10 if that helps somehow


I hope i made myself clear.

Sorry if not. English is my second language


Atte. Francisco

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thanks iconeo

I already saw that one from Lee Mac´s website, but it isn´t quite what i needed

Anyway, i found what i needed and is called "superboundary"

If you google it you will see how awesome that add in is making boundaries in an automatic way.

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