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Block Library only partially loading! Help!


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I made a Block Library with 4 objects in it, which I proceeded to insert into a drawing. However, only 2/4 of the objects inserted. The layers are not frozen, locked, or invisible.


I've attached two screenshots.


Please help me! I've been messing with this for hours. :glare:




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Wow, it was there. I can't believe I didn't try that. Any idea how it became so far removed from the other blocks in the block library? They were designed in a specific order and proximity, but two of them ended up in two different places, extremely far away, while the other two were placed where I expected.

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Someone (not you of course) decided that the basepoint for each block was going to be something other than right on the block itself. It could even be 0,0 but the block entities could have been meters or miles away from 0,0 when WBLOCK was invoked.


FYI - always try the obvious first.

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