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Zuhaib Khan

Printing Issue

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Zuhaib Khan

Dear all

I am using autocad 2010. I have two users in my pc. When I logged into administrator, I can print easily with the command of print (ctrl+p). But at the same time when I try to print in other user account, printing command (ctrl+p) is not working as it should work. When I press (ctrl+p), autocad software get stopped work or need to close software by force.


Please tell me the solution. I'll be thankful to you.

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Ctrl+P is a Windows command, not an Autocad command. Are your other Ctrl commands working?


In Autocad, open your CUI, go to "Keyboard Shortcuts" > "Shortcut Keys" > "Plot" and make sure "Ctrl+P" is set for the Access Key(s)


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