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help with object on cad screen

Muhammad Wadoud

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Incognito Cube

Those are called "Constraints" and will preserve certain attributes and relationships with certain objects, following specific guidelines (Ex. Keeping lines perpendicular/parallel, keeping something attached to a circle at the center or a specific quadrant.). To remove those you'll need to either enter 'CONSTRAINTINFER' and set it to 0, or type 'CONSTRAINTSETTINGS' and uncheck "Infer Geometric constraints'.


Then, select the objects you would like to remove constraints to and type the command "DELCON".

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Not sure what this means, but I'm not clicking on that link.


It just opens up Google, apparently so the OP can go find his own answer? It seems zlatanlex24 fancies himself a comedian. Or maybe he doesn't understand the purpose of help forums? Either way, I have deleted the link, since it serves no purpose.

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