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Fine Tuning


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Contact sets and assembly? Are you using Inventor? Perhaps you should change your profile.


Video: Realistic Assembly Motion through Contact Sets.




And this video: Inventor 2017: Quick Tip - Contact Sets.



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It would have been helpful to mention the program being used in your first post. Where else have you posted your question?


Fusion 360: Contact sets and motion links.




Fusion 360 > Learning > Contact sets.




Or you might want to try searching on the phrase "how to make gears in Fusion 360". You can also try such terms as "modeling" or "designing" gears as well.

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Well, that's just a photo.


What ever happened to putting some effort into it ourselves? Fusion 360 GEARS GEARS GEARS! YouTube - Rob Durate, runtime 22:44


gears gears gears.jpg

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Same holds true for Fusion 360 Gears Gears Gears. It doesn't get any easier than that. You're lucky you don't have to go to the library and actually look up references (i.e. - books) via a card catalog. And in case you're wondering.


"noun. 1. a file of cards of uniform size arranged in some definite order and listing the items in the collection of a library or group of libraries, each card typically identifying a single item. Origin of card catalog."

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Hey what gives? I have all the gears touching each other with contact sets enabled & the gears in the contact set, but when I animate only the gear I'm animating moves.

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It's hard to say without seeing what you have and what you are doing.


You are not very informative about what you have done and what you have and you have not really posted any drawings or even images, throw us a bone here.

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