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Please help an old 2D guy with a Loft

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Hello Everyone,


Goal - Getting help with creating accurate Sectional Views from a Loft.


I apologize in advance for the large picture size.


I am hoping an old AutoCAD "2D" guy can get some help/assistance from the experts here that know what they're doing. I'm the first to admit, that in the world of 3D...I am clueless. Hunting and pecking just does not replace accurate knowledge.


Thank You Guys for all your help in advance!


Here is my issue(s). I am working on creating an aircraft fuselage section that is 60 inches long. The fuselage is wider and taller at the back as the "outer face" slims down as it moves forward. The inside face remains constant over the 60 inches. I need help with creating accurate sectional views at specific points along the loft.


Rather than try to describe each issue, I have posted screenshots below to help you understand how little 3D knowledge I really have and what I'm trying to do.


The first picture is the Backface on the left and Front face on the right. The Pink lines represent the 1st Rib on the left, (Backface) and the Last Rib on the right, (Front face). The Yellow beveled box atop each Rib is a beveled 2 x 4 that will run from the Top of the Back Face to the Top of the Front Face.




The next picture shows what I mean by saying the "inside face edges" remain constant across the loft. This is just stacking the two Ribs on top of each other with the left lower corner points aligned. The inside should not change, the outside should.




This is the process I went through (which I'm sure is wrong) to get the Loft created from Back to Front.


Created the 2D polyline segments.

Placed them 60 inches apart on the same plane.

Created the Loft by selecting the Backface first, then the Front Face next.

NOTE - I removed Yellow 2x4 Line Segment as it caused even more erroneous behavior for the loft than without it. I ultimately would like to have it included in the Sectional Views.










Now "assuming" what I have so far is accurate, (I use that term lightly as I know I've screwed something up). The loft "appears" to have been created correctly. It shows the back to front sliming as I wanted and the inside edges "appear" to remain constant.


Next, I need to create "Accurate" 2D Sectional drawings from the intervals listed below, to create the individual Rib Stations.




No matter what I try, the sectional views come out as shown below. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you guys in advance for all your help.



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change first so you have a top view of the objects, then initiate the section command. You can use the BaseView commands and then make sections from that view as well.

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Thank You RKent,


I have no clue why it worked so well with your instructions but it did, and it worked perfectly.


I am very thankful for your knowledge and willingness to share it with me.


Have a great weekend!



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